More Berger Complaints

The last couple weeks have seen an increase in the number of groups seeking to block the hospital closings and mergers recommended by the Berger Commission. For example:

Assemblywoman Joan Christensen of the Onandaga County has introduced legislation to exclude the merger of Community General Hospital and Van Duyn Home from the Berger report. A lawsuit has been filed by the county as well.

In Buffalo, hospitals are negotiating with the State Department of Health to devise a "thoughtful, collaborative redesign" of local coverage, so as not to devastate the region's health care services. Buffalo's Coalition for Economic Justice is also calling for "the immediate suspension of the health-care system reconfigurations mandated" by the Berger Commission.

Four legislators from districts near Cheektowaga have announced their intentions to introduce legislation to block the closure of St. Joseph's Hospital.

On the other hand, however, New York State is offering up to $550 million in grants for hospitals working to implement the Berger commission recommendations.

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