Funding for the uninsured.

Last January, 24-year-old Manny Lanza died from a brain condition after allegedly being turned away from St. Luke's Hospital because he did not have health insurance.

Manny's Law in the news.

However, although charity care funds do exist to cover hospitals who treat uninsured patients, it looks like Spitzer may be cutting back state funding on that.

And it's not just Spitzer. President Bush has proposed a rule to stop federal funding of UPL (Upper Payment Limits) for public hospitals nationwide. Additional federal funding is added to Medicaid payments for public hospitals, at the Medicare reimbursement rate, to cover the sicker patients and the many uninsured who access care at public health and hospital facilities.

To condemn Bush's proposed legislation, New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Congressman Charles Rangel (the new Chair of the Ways & Means Committee) held a Press Conference on Saturday, January 27th , at which they vowed to fight this rule in the Congress. Also at the Press Conference, NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) President Al Aviles said that if this new rule is implemented the HHC would lose $350 million a year, or 7% of the HHC budget. This cut could greatly threaten the primary and ambulatory care network developed by HHC. The press conference was also attended by several Councilmembers (James, Sears, and Dickens), unions and advocacy organizations, and a large contingent from the Council of Municipal Hospitals Community Advisory Boards.

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To Participate in the International Festival of Piano Masterclass Monterrey 2012, UANL FAMUS invite pianists of all countries, teachers and the public generally upon registration with exendida Until 5 September deadline.

This event and overall artistic direction of Antonina Dragan, Integrates lectures, gala concerts and conferences, in collaboration With The Symphony Orchestra of the UANL (OSUANL).

The call is for participation in Masterclass / Advanced level, Specialized Course Piano / Intermediate, Piano Course / Children and beginners and for the public generally, as listeners, participation certificates and credits.

Active participants will receive at least a master class with Internationally renowned teacher and Will Have access to all event activities: concerts, lectures, master classes and free piano classrooms for practices.

The audience, the public generally may Attend all events listed above, Including three types of classes, concerts and lectures, without taking the lecture.

Teachers are invited to the Masterclass: Boris Berman - USA, Jorge Federico Osorio - Mexico, Anatoly Zatin - Russia, Mexico, Vlada Vassilieva - Mexico, piano for all Antonina Dragan - Russia, Mexico, Irina Samodaeva - Ukraine - Mexico; the Specialized Course of Piano: Anatoly Zatin - Russia, Mexico, Vlada Vassilieva - Mexico, Antonina Dragan - Russia, Mexico, Irina Samodaeva - Ukraine-Mexico. Give lectures Dr. Norma Galvez - Cuba, and Dr. José Loyola - Cuba.

Events scheduled at this festival begin on Thursday September 13 with registration at 9:00 am in the UANL School of Music, and at 10:00 hours with the Official Opening of the International Festival and Piano Masterclass 2012 in the Auditorium Monterrey Silvestre Revueltas, Faculty of Music and Continues with master class the day Culminating with a Gala Concert to be held at the University Theater, Mederos, in charge of the UANL Symphony Orchestra, Boris Berman and guest soloist Claudio USA Tarris driver.

On Monday 17 September, as the intermediate days of the holiday development, will be held classes and lectures, Culminating at 7:30 pm with a Gala Concert, Festival Closing and Piano Masterclass Monterrey 2012; Soloist Jorge Federico Osorio. University Theatre, Mederos.

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Northwest Ohio’s PledgePoint™ Launches Medicare Supplement Web Site to Provide Multi-Company Quotes and Optional Online Purchasing
Ohio’s Medigap Connection ™ is an online distribution channel aimed at lowering costs and improving choice
TOLEDO, OH.Oct., 2012 /Newswire/ PledgePoint - Ohio’s Medigap Connection ( has launched an online, self-service insurance purchasing platform that educates Medicare-eligible Ohioans and enables them to make informed, confident decisions and purchase Medicare supplement insurance at the most competitive prices in Ohio.
Ohio’s Medigap Connection ( is an innovative Medicare supplement web site that allows for an online transaction from quote to purchase. Ohio’s Medigap Connection is currently offering products provided by over 15 Top Ohio Medicare Supplement Insurance Companies. Based in Northwest Ohio (Defiance) the “Connection” is quickly becoming a state-wide leader in delivering comprehensive and affordable senior healthcare solutions.
"We feel strongly about providing unbiased choices” said Michelle Hill, V.P. of Senior Markets for PledgePoint, "With Healthcare reform, people are uncertain about their options, and the aging U.S. population. For the next 14 years, over 10,000 people per day will turn 65 and become eligible for Medicare. People are just doing their homework and making more informed decisions.”
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Ohio’s Medigap Connection Medicare supplement is currently only available to consumers in Ohio. They provide Medicare-eligible consumers with:
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What to Expect

This surgery is performed on an outpatient basis, meaning that the patients are not expected or required to spend any time in the hospital after the surgery and that they are usually able to leave the clinic or hospital and go home right after the surgery, able to return to their regular daily activities. This is really great because it means ease and convenience for the patient, who probably is not able to afford to take time off from work.

Dental Implant Price

The discussion of the dental implant price is incredibly important. The cost of dental implants will vary depending on a few personal factors of your own. If you have benefits for instance, then the dental implant price is going to be lower, whereas if you do not it will be higher.

Keep in mind that there are a few different costs going into the overall price here: cost of the surgical procedure itself, cost of the post which is placed on the healed implant, and also the cost of the crown which is the tooth that is placed on top of the post.

You can also question if financing is available because this is a wonderful option that does not require you to pay the full amount upfront. You usually need to have a good credit history to be accepted for this sort of financing however, so if you have poor credit you most likely will not be eligible.

If you are interested in getting the exact dental implant price you will need to speak to your dentist. They will have to look at your teeth and see how serious the problem is, and then take other factors into consideration to be able to present you with an exact price. For more information visit Dr Mariana Conant's website at or call 203-255-5999

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