Spitzer Appoints Richard Daines as Health Commissioner

The New York Sun is reporting that Eliot Spitzer will appoint Richard Daines as the Health Commissioner. Daines will be in charge of implementing the Berger Commission Recommendations . . .

Anyone know anything about him?

Dr. Daines will play a crucial role in the Spitzer administration, being placed in charge of carrying out Mr. Spitzer's sweeping health care agenda. Mr. Spitzer has vowed to cut costs in health care and extend health coverage to hundreds of thousands more children. He has called for putting more focus on managing chronic diseases and lowering the cost of prescription drugs.

Most important, the commissioner will be responsible for executing the recommendations made by the Commission on Health Care Facilities in the 21st Century, which called for the closure of five city hospitals and four upstate hospitals and proposed plans for mergers and conversions of 48 hospitals.

It's a complicated task that is sure to attract criticism from industry opponents of the commission's plan. The recommendations became law on January 1 and are required to be implemented within 18 months.

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